Payment Center

  Deposits and prices for SnuggleRags Kittens are as follows:

bullet Prices:

Pets: $1200 and up (depending on how perfectly the kitten meets the standard & color/pattern) – includes spay/neuter & vaccines
Breeder: Call us (pricing dependent on quality of kitten and pedigree).  Breeder & show/breeder kittens ONLY go to homes with a reputable breeding program.
Show/Breeder:  Call us (price based on quality of kitten, parents’ show success & pedigree)


A $200.00 deposit (check or Paypal) is required to hold your pet kitten until  ready to go to your home.  Paypal address:

NOTE:  We do not have a “wait-list”.  We have a Reserve List based on payment of a deposit.  Our clients who have made a deposit are welcome to visit the kittens at 8-9 weeks and pick out their kitten.  A 2nd appointment is made to pick up the kitten at 12-13 weeks OR when I believe the kitten has good weight and ready for their new home and always occurs AFTER the spay/neuter procedure.  Pet Kittens do not leave our home unaltered and is included in the price of the kitten.
Breeder & Show/breeder kittens: $500 deposit
Payment Center Instructions:
Deposits: Personal check or Paypal.  The date & time your deposit comes in will determine where you are in terms of picking from the litter.  Those who send their deposit in early have the best chance of having the pick of the litter for pet kittens. This does NOT mean the pick of all the kittens as there may be Show quality kittens reserved months in advance.

bulletFinal Payment: Check, Cash or Paypal.

Go to
1. Click send money
2. Enter my email address:
3. Enter deposit amount of $200.00
4. Click the Personal tab
5. Check Payment Owed
6. Hit Continue
7. Any fee that is associated with the transaction is the responsibility of the buyer.


bulletPayment Guidelines for International Buyers:

Deposits and Final Payment: Bank Wire Transfer, Paypal or Western Union.

* When using Paypal, go to

If you send via paypal I will need you to pay the fees. You would:
1. Click send money
2. Enter my email address:
3. Enter deposit amount of $200.00
4. Click the Personal tab if available
5. Check Payment Owed
6. Hit Continue
7. When the next page comes up, make sure the square labeled “I will pay the fee” is checked.
* When sending a wire transfer, please include an additional $25.00 USD to cover one-half of the fees charged to me by my bank per transfer.

email Heather: for details!