Our Male Ragdoll Cats – Los Angeles


LA IW SGC Palacedolls Atticus of Snugglerags


 Atticus is our big super star and our pride and joy! From super-star show cat to wonderful daddy, his kittens are are a testament to all that Atticus is. His kittens are sweet, huge & beautiful.  Currently his daughter- Snugglerags Breakfast at Tiffanys is the Best Ragdoll Kitten Internationally and Best AB kitten Internationally!!


LA IW SGC Snugglerags Midnight Cowboy

Best Ragdoll kitten internationally
Best Ragdoll Cat internationally
Parents: Snugglerags Long Tall Sally X Furreal Immanuel


Snugglerags Midnight Cowboy

RW SGC Furreal Immanuel of Snugglerags


 Introducing “Immanuel”! His beautiful deep blue eyes, ultra-sweet expression and massive bone structure is matched only by a big personality!!

Thank you Mary for blessing us with this wonderful boy. He has produced his first litter of (9) kittens and they are ALL gorgeous


 RW SGC Snugglerags Cool Hand Luke


Luke is our home grown beauty.  He  has brilliant blue eye color, perfect head & ear set and large body size.  He has the sweetest temperament and we are looking forward to Luke babies soon.  Like his buddy Immanuel, Luke has earned (3) Regional Wins and SGC.  Here at Snugglerags, we really are now a house full of Supremes”-)


Ragnarok Dreamer of Snugglerags


 Flame Lynx Colorpoint DivaDolls Redster of Ragnarok x Ragnarok April.  We feel especially honored to have this handsome boy in our breeding program.  Dreamer has authentic RaggedyAnn ancestory in his 4th Generation!  He’s the great-great-great-great grandson of Daddy Warbucks x Buckwheat.